BKL Singularity

BKL Singularity

A BKL (Belinsky–Khalatnikov–Lifshitz) singularity is a model of the dynamic evolution of the Universe near the initial singularity, described by an anisotropic, homogeneous, chaotic solution to Einstein's field equations of gravitation. According to this model, the Universe is oscillating (expanding and contracting) around a singular point (singularity) in which time and space become equal to zero. This singularity is physically real in the sense that it is a necessary property of the solution, and will appear also in the exact solution of those equations. The singularity is not artificially created by the assumptions and simplifications made by the other well-known special solutions such as the Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker, quasi-isotropic, and Kasner solutions.

The Mixmaster universe is a solution to general relativity that exhibits properties similar to those discussed by BKL.

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BKL Singularity - Conclusions
... BKL describe singularities in the cosmologic solution of Einstein equations that have a complicated oscillatory character ... Although this singularity was studied primarily on special homogeneous models, there are convincing reasons to assume that singularities in the general solution of Einstein equations have the same ... is the fact that the oscillatory mode in the approach to singularity is caused by the single perturbation that also causes instability in the ...
BKL Singularity - Oscillating Mode Towards The Singularity
... of the behavior of the model under perturbative action, performed by BKL, delineates a complex oscillatory mode on approaching the singularity ... However, BKL explained the most important properties and character of the solution on specific models that allow far-reaching analytical study ... BKL investigate only spaces of Bianchi Types VIII and IX ...

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