Bit Word Architectures

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Hungarian Notation - Disadvantages
... The 'w' stands for 'word', where 'word' is the native word size of the platform's hardware architecture ... It was originally a 16 bit type on 16-bit word architectures, but was changed to a 32-bit on 32-bit word architectures, or 64-bit type on 64-bit word architectures in later versions of the operating system ... and inconsistency from platform-to-platform, is on the assumption that 'w' stands for 16-bit in those different environments ...
X86 Instructions - X87 Floating-point Instructions - Original 8087 Instructions
... Floating point load FLD1 Load 1.0 onto stack FLDCW Load control word FLDENV Load environment state FLDENVW Load environment state, 16-bit FLDL2E Load log2(e) onto ...

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