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SMS Chat - Technical Details - Message Size
... the constraints of the signaling protocol to precisely 140 octets (140 octets = 140 * 8 bits = 1120 bits) ... can be encoded using a variety of alphabets the default GSM 7-bit alphabet, the 8-bit data alphabet, and the 16-bit UCS-2 alphabet ... in the handset, this leads to the maximum individual short message sizes of 160 7-bit characters, 140 8-bit characters, or 70 16-bit characters ...
Rich Text Format - Character Encoding
... A standard RTF file can consist of only 7-bit ASCII characters, but can encode characters beyond ASCII by escape sequences ... The character escapes are of two types code page escapes and, starting with RTF 1.5, Unicode escapes ... two hexadecimal digits following a backslash and typewriter apostrophe are used for denoting a character taken from a Windows code page ...
HZ (character Encoding)
... The HZ character encoding is an encoding of GB2312 that was formerly commonly used in email and USENET postings ... HZ (short for Hanzi) encoding was invented to facilitate the use of Chinese characters through e-mail, which at that time only allowed 7-bit characters ... ISO 2022 escape sequences (as in the case of ISO-2022-JP) or 8-bit characters (as in the case of EUC), the HZ code uses only printable, 7-bit characters to represent Chinese ...

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