Bischoff is a surname and it may refer to:

  • Amaury Bischoff, French-Portuguese footballer
  • Robert "Bob" (J.) Bischoff, a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives
  • Cinder & Jeffrey Bischoff
  • David (F.) Bischoff (Born 1951), an US science fiction and television writer. Born in Washington D.C. and now living in Eugene, Oregon
  • Eduard Hagenbach-Bischoff (1833–1910), Swiss physicist and electoral reformer
  • Elmer (Nelson) Bischoff (1916 - 1991), a visual artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bischoff, along with Richard
  • Eric Bischoff, U.S. pro wrestling announcer, former WWE Raw GM, and former President of World Championship Wrestling (WCW)
  • Franz Bischoff (1864-1929), an US artist
  • Garrett Bischoff, U.S. pro wrestling referee
  • Gottlieb Wilhelm Bischoff (1797–1854), German botanist
  • Hans Bischoff (1889 - 1960), a German entomologist
  • Hermann Bischoff (1868–1936), German composer
  • John Bischoff, baseball player
  • John Bischoff, computer musician
  • John W. Bischoff (1850, Chicago - 1909, Washington DC), a blind musician and composer
  • Karl Bischoff, German Nazi functionary
  • Loree (Elaine) Bischoff (born 1961), the wife of Eric Bischoff
  • Mikkel Bischoff, footballer
  • Samuel Bischoff (1890 - 1975), an American film producer who was responsible for more than 400 full-length
  • Steve R. Bischoff (1978-), an American molecular geneticist with expertise in genomic imprinting and dedifferentiation
  • Suzanne Bischoff van Heemskerck (born 1950, The Hague), a Dutch politician
  • Sir Winfried "Win" Bischoff, financier, chairman of Citigroup
  • Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff (1807- 1882), a German biologist

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Samuel Bischoff
... Samuel Bischoff (11 August 1890 – 21 May 1975) was an American film producer who was responsible for more than 400 full-length films, two-reel comedies, and serials between 1923 and 1964 ... Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Bischoff graduated from Boston University, then headed for Hollywood, where he began his career in 1923 by producing comedy shorts ... Bischoff died in Hollywood ...
Taboo Tuesday (2004) - Event - Preliminary Matches
... The next match was between General Manager Eric Bischoff and Eugene in a "Choose the Loser's Fate" ... The match saw Eugene defeat Bischoff, after Eugene performed a leg drop to get the pinfall victory ... After the match ended, the audience voted that Bischoff get his head shaved ...
Controversy Creates Cash - Promotion
... In late 2005, Bischoff was (kayfabe) "removed" as General Manager of Raw, when Vince McMahon tossed him into a garbage truck - following a "trial" where his history of unscrupulous actions were listed ... Bischoff then sat out the remainder of the year and spent the start of 2006 writing a book that would become Controversy Creates Cash ... On the September 25, 2006 edition of Raw, Bischoff appeared to deliver a worked shoot, claiming that before being unceremoniously and unjustly fired, he signed a book deal with World ...
Bischoff - Non-surnames
... Mount Bischoff, Tasmania, Australia Hagenbach-Bischoff system and Hagenbach-Bischoff quota, terms describing a form of allocating seats in proportional representation ...
Starrcade (1999) - Aftermath
... In April, Eric Bischoff returned to the promotion in a position that involved the managing and overseeing of the creative process ... Bischoff worked with Vince Russo, and two new groups were created to feud with each other the Millionaire's Club, which included older wrestlers, and the New Blood, with younger wrestlers ... thanks in part to the hotshot booking of Bischoff and Russo, and Bischoff devised a storyline that began at the Bash at the Beach event to restore its value ...