Bilinear may refer to:

  • Bilinear sampling, a method in computer graphics for choosing the color of a texture
  • Bilinear form
  • Bilinear interpolation
  • Bilinear map, a type of mathematical function between vector spaces
  • Bilinear transform, a method of transforming from the S to Z domain in control theory and signal processing

Other articles related to "bilinear":

... The alternatization of a bilinear map is bilinear ... There may be non-bilinear maps whose alternatization is also bilinear ... Most notably, the alternatization of any cocycle is bilinear ...
Stinespring Factorization Theorem - Sketch of Proof
... We see that this is a bilinear form by definition ... Therefore is a, possibly degenerate, Hermitian bilinear form ... Since Hermitian bilinear forms satisfy the Cauchy Schwarz inequality, the subset is a subspace ...
Bilinear Program
... In mathematics, a bilinear program is a nonlinear optimization problem whose objective and/or constraint functions are bilinear ...
Unimodular Form
... In mathematics, a bilinear form on a vector space V is a bilinear mapping V × V → F, where F is the field of scalars ... That is, a bilinear form is a function B V × V → F which is linear in each argument separately B(u + v, w) = B(u, w) + B(v, w) B(u, v + w) = B(u, v) + B(u, w) B(λu, v ... of complex numbers C, one is often more interested in sesquilinear forms, which are similar to bilinear forms but are conjugate linear in one argument ...