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Mermaid Saga - Characters - Other Characters
... Big Eyes (大眼, Ōmanako?) Voiced by Daisuke Gōri (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English) He was once a mortal, but he ate the flesh of a mermaid corpse he found lying on the beach in the hopes that he ... The transformation had caused his eyes to swell so he was called "Big Eyes" from then on ... Upon finding Mana and Big Eyes, a hunter who lost his left eye to Big Eyes 40 years ago attacks him ...
Mermaid Saga - TV Episode List
... A heavily bandaged man, Big Eyes, as nearby villagers call him, carries Mana to his cave ... That night when Mana awakens, Big Eyes tells her that she is safe ... The next morning Big Eyes tells Mana that long ago he lived in a fishing village ...
Pinetop Perkins - Selected Discography
... Ice Band 1992 On Top 1993 Portrait of a Delta Bluesman 1995 Live Top (with the Blue Flames) 1996 Eye to Eye (with Ronnie Earl, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and Calvin “Fuzz” Jones) 1997 Born in ...
Big Eyes, Small Mouth - History - Ultimate Fan Guides
... Many anime series whose first RPG treatment was in the Ultimate Fan Guides series were also adapted to the d20 System edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth ... The Slayers guides were adapted into a stand-alone d20 game under the title The Slayers d20 ...

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    In the weakness of one kind of authority, and in the fluctuation of all, the officers of an army will remain for some time mutinous and full of faction, until some popular general, who understands the art of conciliating the soldiery, and who possesses the true spirit of command, shall draw the eyes of all men upon himself. Armies will obey him on his personal account. There is no other way of securing military obedience in this state of things.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)

    I introduced her to Elena, and in that life-quickening atmosphere of a big railway station where everything is something trembling on the brink of something else, thus to be clutched and cherished, the exchange of a few words was enough to enable two totally dissimilar women to start calling each other by their pet names the very next time they met.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)