Bhutanese may refer to:

  • Something of, or related to Bhutan
  • The official national language of Bhutan, Dzongkha (sometimes called "Bhutanese")
  • A person from Bhutan, or of Bhutanese descent. For information about the Bhutanese people, see:
    • Demographics of Bhutan
    • Culture of Bhutan
  • Bhutanese cuisine

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Chorten Kora Festivals
... of the first lunar month, and a Drukpa Kora (circumambulation of the Chorten by the Bhutanese) festival held at the end of the first lunar month which ... Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh in India, and Bhutanese from Tashiyangtse, Tashigang, and Kurtoe ... A popular Bhutanese (Dzongkha language) film "Chorten Kora" is based on this legend ...
Subdivisions Of Bhutan - Demographics
... — 1980 1,165,000 +25.2% 1991 1,375,400 +18.1% 2005 634,982 −53.8% Source Bhutanese people primarily consist of the Ngalops and Sharchops, called the Western Bhutanese and Eastern Bhutanese respectively ... The Ngalops primarily consist of Bhutanese living in the western part of the country ... In the early 1970s, intermarriage between the Lhotshampas and mainstream Bhutanese society was encouraged by the government, but after the late 1980s, the ...
Subdivisions Of Bhutan - Culture
... Bhutanese tradition is deeply steeped in its Buddhist heritage ... While Bhutanese citizens are free to travel abroad, Bhutan is viewed as inaccessible by many foreigners ... free for citizens of India and Bangladesh, but all other foreigners are required to sign up with a Bhutanese tour operator and pay around US$250 per day that they stay ...
Bhutanese Democracy
... The development of Bhutanese democracy has been marked by the active encouragement and participation of reigning Bhutanese monarchs since the 1950s, beginning with ... the intervening large-scale expulsion and flight of Bhutanese refugees during the 1990s the subject remains somewhat taboo in Bhutanese politics ...