The word Beth may refer to:

  • Beth (letter), the second letter in many Semitic alphabets, including Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Aramaic, and Phoenician
    • Beth numbers, a sequence of infinite cardinal numbers named for the Hebrew letter
    • The Hebrew word for "house", often used in the name of synagogues and schools (e.g. Beth Israel)
Given name

Beth is a popular female name in English; it is usually a nickname for:

  • Elizabeth (given name)
  • Bethany (given name)
  • Bethan
  • Elsbeth (Scottish version of Elizabeth)
  • Beth (singer) (b. 1981), Spanish singer
  • Beth Allen (b. 1984), New Zealand actress
  • Beth Amsel, American folk singer
  • Beth Anders (b. 1951), American field hockey player and coach
  • Beth Anderson (b. 1950), American composer
  • Beth Anderson, American singer
  • Beth Bauer (b. 1980), American professional golfer
  • Beth Beglin (b. 1957), American field hockey player
  • Beth Behrs (b. 1985), American actress
  • Beth Barr (b. 1971), American swimmer
  • Beth Bonner (1952–1998), American long-distance runner
  • BethAnn Bonner (b. 1982), American actress
  • Beth Botsford (b. 1981), American swimmer
  • Beth Broderick (b. 1959), American actress
  • Beth Buchanan (b. 1952), Australian actress
  • Beth Cahill (b. 1963), American television actress
  • Beth Carvalho (b. 1946), Brazilian singer and composer
  • Beth Chapman (b. 1962), American politician
  • Beth Chatto (b. 1923), British garden designer
  • Beth Chamberlin (b. 1963), American actress
  • Beth Clayton, American opera singer
  • Beth Cordingly (b. 1977), English actress
  • Beth Courtney (b. 1945), CEO/president of Louisiana Public Broadcasting
  • Beth Couture (b. 1962), American women's basketball coach
  • Beth Daniel (b. 1956), American golfer
  • Beth Denisch (b. 1958), American composer
  • Beth Ditto (b. 1981), American singer-songwriter
  • Beth Dunkenberger, American women's basketball coach
  • Beth Edmonds (b. 1950), American politician
  • Beth Ehlers (b. 1968), American politician
  • Beth Fowler (b. 1940), American actress and singer
  • Beth Gaines (b. 1959), American politician
  • Beth Grant (b. 1949), American actress
  • Beth Gibbons (b. 1965), English singer-songwriter
  • Beth Goddard (b. 1969), British actress
  • Beth Goobie (b. 1959), Canadian poet and writer
  • Beth Gylys (b. 1964), American poet and professor of English and Creative Writing
  • Beth Hart (b. 1972), American singer
  • Beth Heiden (b. 1959), American athlete
  • Beth Henley (b. 1952), American actress
  • Beth Herr (b. 1964), American tennis player
  • Beth Holloway (b. 1961), American speech pathologist
  • Beth Howland (b. 1941), American actress
  • Beth Iskiw (b. 1979), Canadian curler
  • Beth Jeans Houghton, English singer-songwriter
  • Beth Johnson, Canadian politician
  • Beth Karas, American television reporter
  • Beth Kerttula, American politician
  • Beth Kephart, American author
  • Beth Kingston (b. 1986), English actress
  • Beth Kobliner, American journalist
  • Beth Krom, American politician
  • Beth Krommes (b. 1956), American illustrator
  • Beth Krush (1918–2009), American illustrator
  • Beth Landau (b. 1950), American filmmaker
  • Beth Lapides, American entertainer
  • Beth Leavel (b. 1955), American stage actress
  • Beth Levin (b. 1950), American classical pianist
  • Beth Levine (Fashion designer) (1914–2006), American fashion designer
  • Beth Liebling (born 1967), American musician
  • Beth Lisick, American writer
  • Beth Littleford (b. 1968), American actress
  • Beth Wood (b. 1954), U.S. state auditor
Fictional characters
  • Beth Bailey
  • Beth Brennan
  • Beth Clement
  • Beth Green
  • Beth Hunter
  • Beth Jordache
  • Beth March, fictional character in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women
  • Evert Willem Beth (1908–1964), Dutch philosopher and logician
  • "Beth" (song), by the band Kiss

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Famous quotes containing the word beth:

    Where beth they biforen us weren,
    —Unknown. Ubi Sunt Qui ante Nos Fuerunt? (L. 1)