Benjamin Hawes - At The War Office

At The War Office

Hawes as official opposed sweeping change in his department. When Charles Edward Trevelyan reported on it, Hawes produced his own counter-report. For two years he served under Sidney Herbert, who worked closely with Florence Nightingale; but in 1854, during the first part of the Crimean War, Herbert went out of office. Hawes then acquired the reputation, with Nightingale, of obstructing her at every turn.

Jonathan Peel was of the view that the adoption of the Armstrong Gun was a result of Hawes's influence. In 1857, reorganisation of the War Office brought Hawes into a new post, as Permanent Under-Secretary. In 1860 Charles Babbage was dealing with Hawes, promoting a scientific approach to gunnery.

He died on 15 May 1862.

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