Belles Lettres

  • (noun): Creative writing valued for esthetic content.
    Synonyms: belles-lettres

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Novelist - History - Before Literature: The Early Market of Printed Books, 1470–1720 - Heroic Romances of Style and Fashion, 1530–1720
... an extremely conservative market its antagonist the elegant "belles lettres" showed a particular design aiming at educated readers of both sexes, though not necessarily at academics ... The very term "belles lettres" spoke of the ambition to leave the field of low books and to reach the realm of the sciences, "literature", "les lettres" ... The use of a French loan word belles lettres marked the international aspect of the development ...
Les Belles Lettres
... Les Belles Lettres is a French publisher specializing in the publication of ancient authors ... The publisher house, originally named Société Les Belles Lettres pour le développement de la culture classique, was founded by the Association Guillaume Budé, with the initial goal of publishing the ...
Novelist - Definition - Distinct Literary Prose
... is for the early modern period closely connected to the development of elegance in the belles lettres ... The belles lettres became this field as a compound of genres including modern history and science in the vernaculars, personal memoirs, present political scandal ... eventually criticized the France ideals of elegance the belles lettres had promoted ...
American Academy Of Arts And Letters Gold Medals - All Winners
2005 — Joan Didion, Belles Lettres and Criticism ... Lukas Foss, Music 1999 — Robert Rauschenberg, Painting 1999 — Harold Bloom, Belles Lettres 1998 — Horton Foote, Drama 1998 — Frank Stella, Graphic Art 1997 — John Ashbery ... James Thomas Flexner, Biography 1987 — Jacques Barzun, Belles Lettres 1987 — Isabel Bishop, Painting 1986 — Jasper Johns, Graphic Art 1986 — Sidney Kingsley, Drama 1985 — Leonard Bernstein, Music ...
Pierre Grimal - Works - Translations - Latin To French
... Frontinus, De aquae ductu Urbis Romae, Belles Lettres, 1944 Petronius, Satyricon, in Romans grecs et latins, Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, 1958 Apuleius, Les Métam ...

Famous quotes related to belles lettres:

    [T]here is a Wit for Discourse, and a Wit for Writing. The Easiness and Familiarity of the first, is not to savour in the least of Study; but the Exactness of the other, is to admit of something like the Freedom of Discourse, especially in Treatises of Humanity, and what regards the Belles Lettres.
    Richard Steele (1672–1729)

    Learning has been as great a Loser by being shut up in Colleges and Cells, and secluded from the World and good Company. By that Means, every Thing of what we call Belles Lettres became totally barbarous, being cultivated by Men without any Taste of Life or Manners, and without that Liberty and Facility of Thought and Expression, which can only be acquir’d by Conversation.
    David Hume (1711–1776)