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Valerie Solanas - Legacy - Influence and Analysis
... Solanas solidified her role as a cult figure with the publication of the SCUM Manifesto and her shooting of Andy Warhol ... anti-patriarchal attitude and actions pushed "avant-garde in radically new directions." Harding believed that Solanas' assassination attempt on Warhol was its ... avant-garde circles." Feminist philosopher Avital Ronell compared Solanas to an array of people Lorena Bobbitt, a "girl Nietzsche", Medusa, the Unabomber, and Medea ...

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    To be sure he’s a “Man,” the male must see to it that the female be clearly a “Woman,” the opposite of a “Man,” that is, the female must act like a faggot.
    —Valerie Solanas (b. 1940)

    That, upon the whole, we may conclude that the Christian religion not only was at first attended with miracles, but even at this day cannot be believed by any reasonable person without one. Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its veracity: And whoever is moved by Faith to assent to it, is conscious of a continued miracle in his own person, which subverts all the principles of his understanding, and gives him a determination to believe what is most contrary to custom and experience.
    David Hume (1711–1776)