Beano can refer to:

  • The Beano, a British children's comic
  • Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, a 1966 John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers album nicknamed The Beano Album as the cover shows Clapton reading a Beano comic
  • Brian McDonald (Gaelic footballer), nicknamed "Beano", a member of the Laois GAA senior football panel
  • Another name for Bingo (US)
  • Beano (dietary supplement), used to prevent flatulence
  • The T13 Beano Grenade, an experimental hand grenade
  • Beano, the name of a character on the American television sitcom Out of This World (TV series)
  • Beano Cook, an ESPN commentator
  • Beano, short for bean-feast, a British colloquial term for a noisy festive occasion
  • Beano's, a submarine sandwich dressing marketed by Conroy Foods

Other articles related to "beano, beanos":

Gary Northfield
... for his comic character, Derek the Sheep published in DC Thomson's The Beano and BeanoMAX Derek the Sheep began appearing in The Beano from February 2004 and is unique in that it is The Beano's first and only ... by Actes Sud/Editions De L'an2, reprinting the first thirteen strips in The Beano ...
Laura Howell
... She is the first female artist in the history of The Beano comic, and responsible for "Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green", "Les Pretend" and Beano Manga ... She also drew Billy the Cat in the Special 70 Years Beano, and two Minnie the Minx strips in the same comic ...
Fun Size Comics
... The Fun Size Beano and Fun Size Dandy were small-format, full-colour children's comics, originally published four times monthly by DC Thomson and Co ... They replaced the Beano and Dandy Comic Libraries, originally printed in red, white and black and published from 1982 to 1997 ... The Beano Comic Libraries lasted for 368 issues and their Dandy counterparts lasted for 344 issues ...
The Beano Summer Special
... The Beano Summer Special is like the Beano with extra comic strips, which as its name suggest was released during the summer months and cost more than the regular comics ... This special first started in 1963 with a joint Beano-Dandy summer special and then in 1964 the first Beano summer special appeared ... continually until 2003 when they were replaced by Beano specials, which was a series of monthly special Beanos including a Summer Special released in the Summer ...