Bavarian Football Derbies

Bavarian Football Derbies

The most famous league derbies in Bavarian football are the games between FC Bayern Munich and 1. FC Nuremberg, with the Bayern versus TSV 1860 Munich matchups coming a close second. Traditionally, the 1. FC Nuremberg versus SpVgg Fürth is also of historical significance as, especially during the 1920s, those two clubs were dominant forces in German football. A distant fourth comes the Augsburg derby, at times played on highest level in the past, too.

In comparison, all other league derbies in Bavaria took mostly place on state level. Occasionally however, clubs from the same city would still meet in the 2. Bundesliga, like the Würzburg or Ingolstadt derby, which each was played for a season there. With the re-establishment of the Regionalligas in 1994, Bavarian league derbies above the Oberliga level became more common, now also involving reserve sides like FC Bayern Munich II and TSV 1860 Munich II.

This list includes every derby played in Bavaria on league level above the Bayernliga, which was the highest state league from 1945, when the Oberliga Süd was established, until 2012, when the Regionalliga Bayern was established.

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