Bava Metzia

Bava Metzia (Talmudic Aramaic: בבא מציעא, "The Middle Gate") is the second of the first three Talmudic tractates in the order of Nezikin ("Damages"), the other two being Bava Kamma and Bava Batra. Originally all three formed a single tractate called Nezikin (torts or injuries), each Bava being a Part or subdivision. Bava Metzia discusses civil matters such as property law and usury. It also examines one's obligations to guard lost property that have been found, or property explicitly entrusted to him.

Bava Metzia contains 119 pages divided into ten chapters.

Read more about Bava MetziaHonorary Trustee ("Shomer Ḥinnam" Chaps. I-v), Sale and Trust (chap. Iv), A Paid Trustee ("Shomer Sakhar", Chaps. Vi-vii), Borrower ("Shoel", Chap. Viii.1-3), Hirer ("Sokher", Chap. Viii.6), Tosefta and Gemara

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