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Motomu Toriyama - Game Design
... Toriyama also highly values vibrant special effects being used in the battle system of the game he is directing the main reason for Final Fantasy XIII not ... they give a better sense of tension during battles ... The position in the story and duties in battle of the female character depends on the game Toriyama is working on ...
Tales Of Destiny (2006 Video Game) - Battle System
... E-LMBS has been replaced by the new AR-LMBS (Aerial Linear Motion Battle System), a battle system that was built for aerial comboing, AR-LMBS replaces TP with the new Chain Capacity points ... At the start of a battle, the character will start at their base CC ...
List Of Advance Wars COs - Gameplay - Battle System
... The battles of Advance Wars are turn-based in nature ... Two to four armies, each headed by a commanding officer, take turns building and commanding units on grid-based maps ...
Hiroyuki Ito - Career - PlayStation Era
... At the time, Hironobu Sakaguchi was a huge fan of the game Ogre Battle The March of the Black Queen and he had been privately encouraging the director Yasumi ... Hiroyuki Ito was the game designer and battle system main planner for the game where he created the Charge Time Battle (CTB) system and further evolved the Job ... in development, his concept idea for the Materia system was further built upon by Hironobu Sakaguchi and used in the final game ...
Mario & Luigi 3 - Gameplay
... However, battles are still turn based, and are initiated by coming into contact with enemies ... The battle system from the previous two Mario Luigi games has returned for this installment ... Bowser's battle system is similar to Mario and Luigi's, but Bowser fights alone and has more advanced stats than the Mario Bros ...

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    Television is an excellent system when one has nothing to lose, as is the case with a nomadic and rootless country like the United States, but in Europe the affect of television is that of a bulldozer which reduces culture to the lowest possible denominator.
    Marc Fumaroli (b. 1932)

    I remember the scenes of battle in which we stood together. I remember especially that broad and deep grave at the foot of the Resaca hill where we left those gallant comrades who fell in that desperate charge. I remember, through it all, the gallantry, devotion and steadfastness, the high-set patriotism you always exhibited.
    Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)