Batch may refer to:

Food and drink
  • Batch (alcohol), an alcoholic fruit beverage
  • Batch loaf, a type of bread popular in Ireland
  • A dialect term for a bread roll used in Nuneaton and Coventry, England. The same term is also widely used on the Wirral.
  • Small batch, bourbon whiskey blended from selected barrels
  • Wiser's Small Batch, a Canadian whisky made in limited batches by Corby Distillery Ltd, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Manufacturing and technology
  • Batch distillation, the use of distillation in batches
  • Batch oven, a furnace used for thermal processing
  • Batch production, a manufacturing technique
  • Batch reactor, a type of vessel widely used in the process industries
  • Economic batch quantity, a measure used to determine the quantity of units that can be produced at minimum average costs in a given batch or production run
  • Fed-batch, a biotechnological batch process
  • Glass batch calculation, the determination of the correct mix of raw materials for a glass melt
  • Sequencing batch reactor, an industrial processing tank for the treatment of wastewater
  • Batching & mixing plants, used in concrete production
Computer science
  • Batch (Unix), a command to queue jobs for later execution
  • Batch Enhancer, an applet launched by Norton Utilities to graphically enhance the presentation of batch files
  • Batch file, a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed in DOS, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows
  • Batch Monitor, a software program created by Apple Computer for viewing and monitoring encoding tasks
  • Batch processing, the execution of a series of programs on a computer without human interaction
  • Batch renaming, the process of renaming multiple computer files and folders in an automated fashion
  • DEC BATCH-11/DOS-11, a computer operating system developed by Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Portable Batch System, computer software that performs job scheduling
  • Spring Batch, an open source framework for batch processing
  • Baron Batch (born 1987), American football running back
  • Emil Batch (1880–1926), American baseball player
  • Colin Batch (born 1958), Australian hockey player
  • Charlie Batch (born 1974), American football quarterback
  • Barns Batch Spinney, a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near Dundry, Somerset, England
  • Beacon Batch, the summit area of Black Down, the highest hill in the Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
  • Batch (album), an album by pop-punk band Big Drill Car
  • Bach (New Zealand), pronounced "batch", a type of beach holiday home found in New Zealand

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Said Ali Al-Shihri - Repatriation
... Saudis repatriated on 9 November 2007 with al-Shihri, "batch 10" ... He wrote that the BBC's research had found this batch to be a problematic cohort, and that al Shiri and four other men from this batch were named on the Saudi most wanted list ...
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Famous quotes containing the word batch:

    And so it goes, back and forth, good church-members all, which means that their banter contains nothing off-color, and by the same token, nothing that was coined later than the first batch of buffalo nickels.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    Do you not know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough?
    Bible: New Testament, 1 Corinthians 5:6.