Bastian is a German short form of Sebastian. As a surname, Bastian may refer to:

  • Adolf Bastian, a 19th century anthropologist
  • Ali Bastian, an English television actress
  • Bruce Bastian, an American computer programmer and businessman
  • Fritz Bastian, an American tennis player
  • Gert Bastian, a German military officer and politician
  • Henry Charlton Bastian, an English physiologist and neurologist
  • Mary Bastian, a Tamil Human Rights activist
  • Michael Bastian, an American fashion designer
  • Noah Bastian, an actor

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Charlie Bastian
... Bastian (July 4, 1860 – January 18, 1932) was a right-handed infielder in four different major baseball leagues in the 19th Century ... The light-hitting Bastian toiled for a total of six teams in the Union League, National League, Players League, and American Association during an eight-year career ... Debuting with the Wilmington Quicksteps in 1884, Bastian played just 17 games before moving on to Union Association rival Kansas City Cowboys, where he tallied ...
bastian Hell
... Sébastian Hell (born on September 14, 1978 in Montréal, Quebec) is a musician, songwriter and screenwriter who is also the manager of the UnPop ... He fronts a band called Sébastian Hell/Blooze Konekshun and also performs solo ...
List Of The Neverending Story Characters - Xayide
... evil sorceress who appears later in the book after Bastian enters the world of Fantasia ... While at her core Xayide is cold and calculating, she presents to Bastian a warm and worshipping exterior, which fools him easily ... Realizing she cannot defeat Bastian by force, she uses him in an attempt to rule by proxy, convincing him to invade the Ivory Tower with the power of his ...
List Of The Neverending Story Characters - Atreyu
... He is the protagonist of the mysterious book that Bastian reads ... Bastian, all the while reading Atreyu's story in the real world, experiences everything Atreyu does, including his love for Artax, and begins to sympathize with him ... this proves to have been Fantastica's solution and the Empress' cure, bringing Bastian to Fantastica to give the Empress a new name ...