Bass Strait

Bass Strait ( /ˈbæs/) is a sea strait separating Tasmania from the south of the Australian mainland, specifically the state of Victoria.

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Bass Strait Triangle - History of Incidents - Aviation
... The first aircraft to go missing in Bass Strait was a military Airco DH.9A that was engaged in a search for the missing schooner Amelia J in 1920 — it was believed to ... One of the first Bass Strait airliners, the De Havilland Express Miss Hobart, went missing soon after entering service in 1934, only a small amount of wreckage being found on the Victorian coast ... bombers — were lost during exercises in Bass Strait while on training flights out of air bases, mostly Sale, Victoria ...
Bass Strait - Non-motorised Crossings
... Non-motorised crossings are regularly attempted across Bass Strait ... After becoming the first person to successfully cross the Bass Strait non-stop in a sea kayak (2003), Andrew McAuley made two more successful crossings of ... usually by island hopping on the eastern side of the strait ...
Australian National Airways - The Holyman Airways Period
... Miss Launceston between Launceston, Tasmania and Flinders Island in Bass Strait, which competed with shipping services offered by William Holyman and Sons ... The first of these, VH-URN Miss Hobart, began operating across Bass Strait on 28 September 1934, but went missing just three weeks later, on 18 October, and was believed to have crashed off Wilsons Promontory ... proving flight between the capitals, 2 October, another D.H.86, VH-URT Loina, crashed into Bass Strait off Flinders Island killing all five on board ...
Bass Strait Ferries
... Bass Strait Ferries have been the ships that have been used for regular transport across Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria (Australia), as well as the various attempts to link Tasmania with Sydney ... century linked Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, with the Bass Strait ports Launceston's various port locations, Devonport and Burnie ... The distinction between coastal shipping and Bass Strait ferry has been blurred at times ...
History Of Victoria (Australia) - Interest Grows in The North Coast of Bass Strait
... in Van Diemen's Land led to settlers there showing interest in the country across Bass Strait, following Hume and Hovell's reports and stories of visiting sealers ... George Mercer that land was scarce in Van Diemen's Land and he should invest across Bass Strait ... in Portland Bay and began the first permanent European settlement on the north coast of Bass Strait ...

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    We approached the Indian Island through the narrow strait called “Cook.” He said, “I ‘xpect we take in some water there, river so high,—never see it so high at this season. Very rough water there, but short; swamp steamboat once. Don’t paddle till I tell you, then you paddle right along.” It was a very short rapid. When we were in the midst of it he shouted “paddle,” and we shot through without taking in a drop.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    How are we to know that a Dracula is a key-pounding pianist who lifts his hands up to his face, or that a bass fiddle is the doghouse, or that shmaltz musicians are four-button suit guys and long underwear boys?
    In New York City, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)