Base Current

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Junction Transistor - Regions of Operation - Active-mode PNP Transistors in Circuits
... To make the transistor conduct appreciable current (on the order of 1 mA) from E to C, must be above a minimum value sometimes referred to as the cut-in voltage ... 'turn-on' allowing a flow of holes from the emitter into the base ... the lower p-n junction into the collector to form the collector current ...
Bipolar Transistor Biasing - Types of Bias Circuit For Class A Amplifiers - Collector-to-base Bias
... In this form of biasing, the base resistor is connected to the collector instead of connecting it to the DC source ... drop across the resistor that will throttle the transistor's base current ... From Kirchhoff's voltage law, the voltage across the base resistor is By the Ebers–Moll model, and so From Ohm's law, the base current, and so Hence, the base ...

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