Basaltic Magma

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Proterozoic Anorthosite - Origins of Proterozoic Anorthosites
... The problem begins with the generation of magma, the necessary precursor of any igneous rock ... Magma generated by small amounts of partial melting of the mantle is generally of basaltic composition ... Under normal conditions, the composition of basaltic magma requires it to crystallize between 50 and 70% plagioclase, with the bulk of the remainder ...
Types Of Volcanic Eruptions - Magmatic Eruptions - Plinian
... The process powering Plinian eruptions starts in the magma chamber, where dissolved volatile gases are stored in the magma ... vesiculate and accumulate as they rise through the magma conduit ... reach a certain size (about 75% of the total volume of the magma conduit) they explode ...
Lunar Surface - Geologic History
... was the crystallization of the near global magma ocean ... The majority of the magma ocean crystallized quickly (within about 100 million years or less), though the final remaining KREEP-rich magmas, which are highly enriched in incompatible and ... It appears that the final KREEP-rich magmas of the magma ocean eventually became concentrated within the region of Oceanus Procellarum and the Imbrium basin, a ...
Volcanology Of Canada - Eastern Canada
... The Archean Red Lake greenstone belt in western Ontario consists of basaltic and komatiitic volcanics ranging in age from 2,925 to 2,940 million years old and younger ... Lava flows created by the rift in the Lake Superior area were formed from basaltic magma ... The upwelling of this magma was the result of a hotspot which produced a triple junction in the vicinity of Lake Superior ...

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    I lived for a long time under vast porticos
    That maritime suns tinted with a thousand fires,
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    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)