Barycentric can refer to:

In astronomy,

  • Barycentric coordinates (astronomy), coordinates defined by the common center of mass of two or more bodies
  • Barycentric Dynamical Time, a former time standard in the Solar system
  • Barycentric Coordinate Time, a coordinate time standard in the Solar system
  • barycentre, the point between two objects where they balance each other

In geometry,

  • barycentric subdivision, a way of dividing a simplicial complex
  • Barycentric coordinates (mathematics), coordinates defined by the vertices of a simplex

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Slack Variable - Embedding in Orthant
... Further information Orthant and Generalized barycentric coordinates Slack variables give an embedding of a polytope into the standard f-orthant, where f is the ... Slack variables are dual to generalized barycentric coordinates, and, dually to generalized barycentric coordinates (which are not unique but can all be realized ... Dually, generalized barycentric coordinates express a polytope with n vertices (dual to facets), regardless of dimension, as the image of the standard -simplex, which has n vertices ...
Einstein–Infeld–Hoffmann Equations
... N, the barycentric acceleration vector of body A is given by where is the barycentric position vector of body A is the barycentric velocity vector of body A is the barycentric ...
Barycentric-sum Problem
... In combinatorial number theory, the barycentric-sum problems are questions that can be answered using combinatorial techniques ... The context of barycentric-sum problems are the barycentric sequences ...
Comet Machholz - Period
... objects at such high eccentricity, the Suns barycentric coordinates are more stable than heliocentric coordinates ... Using JPL Horizons the barycentric orbital elements for epoch 2011-Jan-01 generate a semi-major axis of 537 AU and a period of approximately 12,500 years ... This gives it a barycentric orbital period just a little larger than Sedna ...
Barycentric-sum Problem - Example
... A sequence with is barycentric or has a barycentric-sum if it contains one element such that ... A barycentric sequence of length is called a t-barycentric sequence ... Moreover when S is a set, the term barycentric set is used instead of barycentric sequence ...