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  • Barrier, Voerendaal, a place in the municipality of Voerendaal, in southeastern Netherlands
  • The Barrier, a lava dam in southwestern British Columbia, Canada
  • The Barrier, Great Ice Barrier, Victoria Barrier etc., later 19th-eartly 20th century names for the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
  • Barrier Bay, an open bay in Antarctica
  • Barrier reef, a type of coral reef running along a coast for a long distance, e.g.:
    • Belize Barrier Reef, a series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Belize
    • Great Barrier Reef, in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland in north-east Australia
  • Barrier Volcano, an active shield volcano in Kenya
  • Gilf Kebir, Arabic for "the Great Barrier" in Egypt
  • Great Barrier Island, in the north of New Zealand
  • Thames Barrier, a flood control structure on the River Thames in England
  • A misspelling of Barriere, British Columbia, a small community in Thompson-Nicola Regional District, British Columbia, Canada
  • Wall (Western Sahara)

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