• (adj): Preventing entry or exit or a course of action.
    Example: "Barred doors"
    Synonyms: barricaded, blockaded
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Adam Habib - Barred Entry To The United States
... their two children, aged 8 and 11, would also be barred entry to the USA ... In November 2007, according to the New York Times, the US informed Habib he had been barred entry over allegations of "...engaging in terrorist activities." The Christian Science Monitor reported that he had been ... The American Civil Liberties Union tried to aid Habib in learning the reasons he was barred ...
Angle-barred Pug
... The Angle-barred Pug (Eupithecia innotata) is a moth of the family Geometridae ... innotata sensu stricto (Angle-barred Pug) is found only on the east and south-east coasts f ...
Southern Barred Warbler
... Camaroptera fasciolata The Barred Wren-Warbler or Southern Barred Warbler(Calamonastes fasciolatus) is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family ...
Scarus - Species
... Filament-finned Parrotfish Scarus arabicus, Arabian Parrotfish Scarus caudofasciatus, Red-barred Parrotfish Scarus chameleon, Chameleon Parrotfish Scarus chinensis Scarus coelestinus, Midnight Parrotfish ...
Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper
... The Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper (Dendrocolaptes certhia) is a species of bird in the Dendrocolaptinae subfamily, the woodcreepers ... The Northern Barred Woodcreeper (D ... The Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper still includes the subspecies concolor, which sometimes is considered a separate species, the Concolor Woodcreeper ...

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    Cinema is the culmination of the obsessive, mechanistic male drive in western culture. The movie projector is an Apollonian straightshooter, demonstrating the link between aggression and art. Every pictorial framing is a ritual limitation, a barred precinct.
    Camille Paglia (b. 1947)