Barents may refer to:

  • Willem Barents, a Dutch navigator and explorer
  • Barents Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean north of Norway and Russia, named after Willem Barents
  • Barents Region, the land along the coast of the Barents Sea
  • Barents Basin, a sedimentary basin in the Barents Sea
  • Barents Island (Barentsøya), an island in the Svalbard archipelago, part of Norway
  • Barents AirLink, a Swedish airline out of Luleå

Other articles related to "barents":

Maria Klenova - Career
... Persey, attached to the Floating Marine Research Institute in the Barents Sea and the archipelagos of Novaya Zemlya, Spitsbergen, and Franz Josef Land. 1933 Klenova produced the first complete seabed map of the Barents Sea ... analyses of seabed geology in the Atlantic Ocean and the Antarctic, and in the Caspian, Barents and White Seas ...
Jan Rijp
... was named captain of the second of two ships commissioned to Barents by Dutch merchants to discover the fabled Northern Sea Route to the Indies ... Jacob van Heemskerk captained the first ship, and Barents served as its pilot ... Barents decided to turn east and round the northern tip of Novaya Zemlya, as he had successfully managed once before ...
... Barentsøya, sometime anglicized as Barents Island, is an islands in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway, lying between Edgeøya (Edgeøya) and Spitsbergen ... Barents Island has no permanent human inhabitants ... Named for the Dutch explorer Willem Barents (who actually never sighted the island), it is a part of Søraust-Svalbard Nature Reserve ...
Barents AirLink
... Barents AirLink is a Swedish based airline ... The name was changed to Barents AirLink in 2006 ...