Barbed Wire Match

A barbed wire match is one of any number of professional wrestling matches that uses strands of barbed wire in some capacity. Simply using barbed wire in an otherwise regular hardcore match does not make the match a barbed wire match; the barbed wire must be part of the match's design.

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Sabu (wrestler) - Professional Wrestling Career - Return To ECW (1995–2000)
... This standoff culminated in a grudge match at ECW's first pay-per-view, Barely Legal, which Taz won ... Following the match, Taz's manager Bill Alfonso turned on him and sided with Sabu and Rob Van Dam, who then formed a tag team ... occurred at this show when Sabu appeared during a match and prepared for an aerial move off the "R" in the "RAW" lettered entryway onto Team Taz members, but accidentally ...
Org (Power Rangers) - Orgs - Orgs
... Barbed Wire Org (voiced by David Lodge) - As a result of an Org Spirit acquiring some barbed wire on a fence, Barbed Wire Org attacked Turtle Cove ...
Battle Of Lang Vei - Battle
... tanks moving along Lang Troai road, attempting to breach the barbed-wires just in front of Company 104 ... Holt, but the barbed wire in front of Company 104 was quickly overcome by the combined North Vietnamese tank-infantry attack ... Vietnamese PT-76 tanks rolled through the barbed-wire barrier in front of Company 102 and 103 ...
Barbed Wire Match - Types - Doomsday Chamber of Blood
... A variation of the Six Sides of Steel Barbed Wire Cage Match is the Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match ... The match cannot be won by escaping the cage the top part of the cage is lined with Barbed Wire so as to prevent escaping ... This match could only be won by pinfall while your opponent is bleeding and there was no barbed wire on top of the cage ...
Mick Foley - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment (1996–2008) - Sporadic Appearances and Departure (2003–2008)
... returned in June 2003 to referee the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Kevin Nash at Bad Blood ... In the storyline, Foley was afraid to wrestle a match with Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton and walked out of the arena rather than face him ... reunited as the Rock 'n' Sock Connection and lost a handicap match to Evolution at WrestleMania XX when Orton pinned Foley with an RKO as Foley pulled out Mr ...

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