Banten is the westernmost province of Indonesia on the island of Java. Formerly part of the province of West Java, Banten became a separate province in 2000. The provincial capital is Serang, the province plays a major role as a transit corridor to Sumatra as well as having a historically distinct culture, however, in recent years the northern half especially the parts adjacent to Jakarta and the Java Sea coast are experiencing a population explosion and intense urbanization, while the southern half especially the part facing the Indian Ocean maintains its age-old traditional character. Banten is now home to well over 11 million people.

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Sultanate Of Banten - Western Contacts
... the first ever Dutch fleet to arrive in East Indies, landed in Banten ... The Portuguese and Dutch fought for control of Banten in the 17th century ... established a permanent trading post in Banten in 1602 under James Lancaster ...
Sultanate Of Banten - Decline
... Jan Pieterszoon Coen took the port of Jayakarta from Banten ... ruins of this Javanese town, which became the center of VOC operation and a serious rival for Banten, later contributing to its decline ... During the middle of 17th century several conflicts between Banten and the Dutch in Batavia, just 60 miles separated along the northern coast of Java ...
Sejarah Banten
... Sejarah Banten ("History of Banten") is a Javanese chronicle containing stories of conversion to Islam in Indonesia ... Due to the scarcity and limitations of primary historical records, Sejarah Banten, is one of a number of accounts of Indonesian legends that scholars use to help ... Similar to the Babad Tanah Jawi ("History of the Land of Java"), Sejarah Banten, there are magical events, however, conversions are not specifically described nor is there ...