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Bank Of Indiana - Aftermath
... The closure of the bank did not have any significant impact on the regional economy ... The state bank notes were exchanged for federal bank notes or hard money, and the surplus of funds was paid out to the bank shareholders ... proposed that any profit the state made from the bank be applied to the state's common school system ...
Netherlands Indies Gulden - History - De Javasche Bank
... King William I of the Netherlands granted the right to create a bank in the Indies in 1826 ... The bank, known as "De Javasche Bank" (DJB), was opened in Batavia on 24 January 1828, with exclusive rights to operate for 10 years, until 31 December 1837 ... Its first issue of bank paper was made on 11 March 1828, after the bank had received subscriptions in gold and silver for 2043 shares ...
Leather Currency - Paper Money Collecting As A Hobby - Novelty
... The universal appeal and instant recognition of bank notes has resulted in a plethora of novelty merchandise that designed to have the appearance of paper currency ... Cloth material printed with bank note patterns is used for clothing, bed linens, curtains, upholster and more ... Acrylic paperweights and even toilet seats with bank notes embedded inside are also common ...
Colesberg Bank - Bank Notes
... An initial run of bank notes were printed by Saul Solomon Co ... Printers in Cape Town and a £5 pound cancelled note signed by R Thomson and R.A ... at the Gallery and Heritage Centre - Standard Bank of South Africa in Simmonds Street Johannesburg ...
Public Credit Act Of 1869 - Background
... Bank notes were legal tender issued by state banks which could be exchanged for an amount of gold at any bank ... Both gold and bank notes circulated as mediums of exchange ... standard based on a fiat currency called United States Notes, or more popularly called greenbacks ...

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    Speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)

    on a May morwening upon Malverne hilles
    Me befel a ferly, of fairye me thoughte;
    I was wery ofwandred and wente me to reste
    Under a brod bank by a bournes side;
    And as I lay and lenede and lookede on the watres,
    I slomerede into a sleeping, it swyede so merye.
    William Langland (1330–1400)