Balbus may refer to:

  • A cognomen of several ancient Romans; see Balbus (cognomen)
  • Theatre of Balbus, built by Lucius Cornelius Balbus the Younger
  • Johannes Balbus (died c. 1298), Italian lexicographer
  • Balbus, a character in The Apple Cart by George Bernard Shaw
  • Mixophyes balbus, "Stuttering Frog" species
  • ST Balbus, a Nigerian Government tugboat

Other articles related to "balbus":

Theatre Of Balbus
... Theatre of Balbus was an ancient Roman structure in the Campus Martius of Rome ... built in 13 BC by proconsul Lucius Cornelius Balbus (minor), likely from the spoils of a military campaign by order of Augustus (Cassius Dio 54.18.2 ...
Hieronymus Balbus
... Hieronymus Balbus (also called Girolamo Balbi or Accellini) was a Renaissance Humanist, poet, diplomat, and Bishop of Gurk in Carinthia, b ... Balbus next went to Prague (1498), where he accepted a professorship which had been obtained for him by his Viennese friends ... In 1521 Balbus appeared at the Diet of Worms as the ambassador of Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, and attracted considerable attention by a discourse in which he protested against the innovations of ...