Bajío De San José - Economy and Industry

Economy and Industry

The town is still part of the region called "Los Altos de Jalisco", which is one important milkshed for the center of Mexico. Dairy products manufacturing has increased recently. Agriculture is also important, mainly beekeeping, and crops like chili pepper, corn and beans. Retail industry is also important, especially furniture warehouses and livestock forage.

The availability of water and fertile land in the hands of competitive private farmers, has been the most important factor behind a buoyant economy since the 1980s. It is one of few places in the region with only private-owned farms (most towns are also partially Ejidos, a communal type of land ownership in Mexico). Since farming has not been employment intensive, younger generations tend to emigrate to Aguascalientes or the United States for better opportunities. The sustainability of farming is now being challenged by the depletion of underground water reservoirs. The production of alfalfa and other water intensive crops accelerates the depletion of the water table by an estimated 1 meter per year.

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