Bahr Al Jabal

Bahr al Jabal (Arabic: Sea of the Mountain) may refer to:

  • Bahr al Jabal, a section of the White Nile between Nimule and Lake No
  • Bahr al Jabal, a state of Southern Sudan (current South Sudan) renamed Central Equatoria in 2005

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Nile - Course - In South Sudan
... It then flows into South Sudan, where it is known as the Bahr al Jabal ("River of the Mountain") ... The Bahr al Ghazal, itself 716 kilometres (445 mi) long, joins the Bahr al Jabal at a small lagoon called Lake No, after which the Nile becomes known as the Bahr al Abyad, or the White Nile ... An anabranch river, the Bahr el Zeraf, flows out of the Nile's Bahr al Jabal section and rejoins the White Nile ...
Sudd - Location
... with the White Nile just upstream of Malakal as well as westwards along the Bahr el Ghazal ... From the southern inflow of the Bahr al Jabal ("Sea of the Mountain") at Mongalla, the defined riverbed successively widens into a floodplain, where the waters flow in meandering river stretches and ... Slightly downstream of Bor, the Bahr el Zeraf ("Sea of the Giraffes") river branches off the Bahr al Jabal to the east, diverting part of the flow, to join ...