Baer (or Bär, from German: bear) is the surname of:

  • Arthur "Bugs" Baer (1886–1969), American journalist and humorist
  • Buddy Baer (1915–1986), American boxer
  • Byron Baer (1929–2007), American politician
  • Clara Gregory Baer, inventor of Netball, Newcomb ball and author of first rules of women's basketball
  • Donald Baer (1931–2002), American Developmental Psychologist
  • Eric Baer, polymer researcher
  • George Baer, Jr. (1763–1834), American politician
  • George Frederick Baer (1842–1914), American lawyer and executive
  • Gregory S. Baer (born 1952), American lecturer and physician
  • Harold Baer, Jr., (born 1933), American judge
  • John Baer, Pennsylvania journalist
  • John Miller Baer (1886–1970), former Congressman
  • Julius Baer (1857–1922), Swiss banker
  • Karl Ernst von Baer (1792–1876), Baltic German Russian biologist
  • Kent Baer (born 1951), American football coach
  • Les Baer, founder of Les Baer Custom, Inc.
  • Max Baer (1909–1959), American boxer
  • Max Baer, Jr. (born 1937), American actor and director
  • Nicolai Reymers Baer, aka Ursus (c. 1550 – c. 1600), German mathematician
  • Susanne Baer (born 1964), German judge and legal scholar
  • Parley Baer (1915–2002), American actor
  • Ralph H. Baer (born 1922), American inventor
  • Reinhold Baer (1902–1979), German mathematician
  • Richard Baer (Nazi) (1911–1963), German Nazi officer
  • Richard Baer (writer) (1928-2008), American screenwriter
  • Robert Baer (born 1952), former CIA officer and American writer
  • Steve Baer (born 1938), American inventor
  • Thomas M. Baer, American physicist
  • Will Christopher Baer, American writer
  • William Jacob Baer (1860–1941), American painter
  • Yitzhak Baer (1888–1980), German-born Israeli historian

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... Tonic/Dominant Scales for Tuba with Piano Accompaniment CD, Compiled by Alan Baer, Piano Accompaniment by Noreen Baer Cross-Training Scales for Tuba, Compiled by Alan Baer ...
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Famous quotes containing the word baer:

    The rights and interests of the laboring man will be protected and cared for, not by the labor agitators, but by the Christian men to whom God in His infinite wisdom has given control of the property interests of the country.
    —George Baer (1842–1914)