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Intermediate Officer Training Course (IOTC)

The Intermediate Officer Training Course (IOTC) is designed to provide selected personnel with the skills and knowledge to enable them to perform in their current and future leadership and staff roles at the corps /squadron, Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTCs) and regional and national headquarters. With three weeks of Distance Learning and six days of classroom instruction, the training builds on the CIC Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC) and CIC Occupational Training Course (CIC Occ Trg Crse) and focuses on:more advanced leadership theory common to all officers in the Canadian Forces (CF), their role in the enforcement of policies, regulations and unit discipline (e.g., setting the example, being a role model), the leadership, development and counselling of subordinates, mentoring,adolescent development and youth issues, planning and conducting unit-level activities, and communicating orally and in writing.

Course content includes:

  • Assist in the Enforcement of CF and CCO Regulations
  • Develop Subordinates
  • Counsel Subordinates
  • Enforce Safety and Environmental Protection Policies
  • Conduct a Corps / Squadron Activity
  • Communicate in writing and verbally

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic Officer Training Course,
  • CIC Occupational Training Course
  • Sea, Land or Air Environmental Training Course
  • Being appointed TrgO or CO

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