A badge is a device or fashion accessory, often containing the insignia of an organization, which is presented or displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath (e.g., police and fire), a sign of legitimate employment or student status, or as a simple means of identification. They are also used in advertising, publicity, and for branding purposes.

Badges can be made from metal, plastic, leather, textile, rubber, etc., and they are commonly attached to clothing, bags, footwear, vehicles, home electrical equipment, etc. Textile badges or patches can be either woven or embroidered, and can be attached by gluing, ironing-on, sewing or applique. Badges have become highly collectable: in the UK, for example, the Badge Collectors' Circle has been in existence since 1980. In the military, badges are used to denote the unit or arm to which the wearer belongs, and also qualifications received through military training, rank, etc. Similarly, youth organizations such as scouting and guiding use them to show group membership, awards and rank.

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... Significance The Caduceus is the attribute of Hermes of Greek mythology, who was the messenger or herald of the gods ... It is used here as a symbol of one who carries, sends or receives messages ...
Ferencváros TC - Colours, Badge, and Nicknames
... The three e letters, which can be found in the team's badge, mean Erkölcs, Erő and Egyetértés (in English morality, power, and agreement) ...
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... The membership badge of the Fédération Libanaise des Eclaireuses et des Guides and many of the member Guide emblems incorporate the Cedar of Lebanon, the ... Badge of the Association des Guides du Liban Badge of the Association des Eclaireuses du Liban Masharih Girl Scouts Association, not recognized by WAGGGS ...
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... The badge features the club motto 'Play the beautiful game' and the words 'Life's short, work hard, play hard', a motto used by Wallace Construction for many years, having previously been placed on ... The five stars above the badge represent the four under 18 FAI inter-league titles and 1 FAI youth cup won by Wexford teams managed by Wallace ...
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... One of the best-known badges is the typically star-shaped U.S ... sheriff's badge, made famous in Westerns ... While the Chairman Mao badge is probably the most famous political badge ...

Famous quotes containing the word badge:

    Just across the Green from the post office is the county jail, seldom occupied except by some backwoodsman who has been intemperate; the courthouse is under the same roof. The dog warden usually basks in the sunlight near the harness store or the post office, his golden badge polished bright.
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Signor Antonio, many a time and oft
    In the Rialto you have rated me
    About my moneys and my usances.
    Still have I borne it with a patient shrug,
    For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe.
    You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog,
    And spit upon my Jewish gaberdine,
    And all for use of that which is mine own.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    It would much conduce to the public benefit, if, instead of discouraging free-thinking, there was erected in the midst of this free country a dianoetic academy, or seminary for free-thinkers, provided with retired chambers, and galleries, and shady walks and groves, where, after seven years spent in silence and meditation, a man might commence a genuine free-thinker, and from that time forward, have license to think what he pleased, and a badge to distinguish him from counterfeits.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)