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Adda Bar Ahavah - The Amora of The Second Generation
... fourth centuries), frequently quoted in both the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud ... (Babylonian Talmud Kiddushin 72a–b Genesis Rabbah 632.) He was a disciple of Abba Arika (Rav), at whose funeral he rent his garments twice in mourning for the great scholar ... (Jerusalem Talmud Bava Metzia 3a Babylonian Talmud Berakhot 42b–43a.) In Pumbedita, Rav Adda gathered about him many pupils, whom he taught sometimes in the public thoroughfares ...
Shlach - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Numbers Chapter 15
... (Mishnah Zevachim 43 Babylonian Talmud Zevachim 43a.) And the Mishnah ruled that these meal-offerings required oil but not frankincense ... Mishnah Menachot 53 Babylonian Talmud Menachot 59a.) Tractate Challah in the Mishnah, Tosefta, and Jerusalem Talmud interpreted the laws of separating a portion of bread for the priests in ... Mishnah Challah 11–411 Tosefta Challah 11–212 Jerusalem Talmud Challah 1a–49b.) Tractate Shabbat in the Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, and Babylonian Talmud ...
Shlach - Haftarah - The Haftarah in Classical Rabbinic Interpretation
... Babylonian Talmud Megillah 15a see also Babylonian Talmud Taanit 5b.) Rabbi Eleazar recounted that Rahab knew in Joshua 210–11 that the Canaanites had lost heart because they had lost their ... (Babylonian Talmud Zevachim 116a–b.) ...
Chukat - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Numbers Chapter 20
... (Babylonian Talmud Moed Katan 28a.) Rabbi Eleazar taught that Miriam died with a Divine kiss, just as Moses had ... Babylonian Talmud Moed Katan 28a.) Rabbi Jose the son of Rabbi Judah taught that three good leaders arose for Israel — Moses, Aaron, and Miriam — and for their sake ... off the three shepherds in one month.” (Babylonian Talmud Taanit 9a.) The Gemara employed Numbers 201 to deduce that one may not benefit from a ...
Joshua Ben Levi
... ben Levi was an amora (Rabbi of the Talmud) who lived in the land of Palestine of the first half of the third century ... Johanan bar Nappaha, Joshua often engaged in homiletic exegetical discussions (Babylonian Talmud Bava Batra 116a Megillah 27a Shevuot 18b) ... (Jerusalem Talmud Taanit 66c.) His love of peace prevented him from making any attacks against the theology of the minim (heretics) ...

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