Axillary Nerve

The axillary nerve or the circumflex nerve is a nerve of the human body, that comes off the of the brachial plexus (upper trunk, posterior division, posterior cord) at the level of the axilla (armpit) and carries nerve fibers from C5 and C6. The axillary nerve travels through the quadrangular space with the posterior circumflex humeral artery and vein.

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Axillary Nerve Dysfunction
... Axillary nerve dysfunction is a general term that refers to any type of dysfunction of the axillary nerve ... The axillary nerve is a branch of the brachial plexus that innervates the deltoid and teres minor muscles ... This nerve can be injured or damaged in a variety of ways - penetrating injury such as knife or gunshot wounds, surgical trauma, stretch injury (common after motor cycle accidents), and various ...
Dislocated Shoulder - Classification - Anterior (forward)
... It can result in damage to the axillary artery and axillary nerve (C5, C6) ... Damage to the axillary nerve results in a weakened or paralysed deltoid muscle ... A patient with injury to the axillary nerve will have difficulty in abducting the arm from approximately 15° away from the body ...
Axillary Nerve - Injury
... The axillary nerve may be injured in anterior-inferior dislocations of the shoulder joint, compression of the axilla with a crutch or fracture of the surgical neck of the humerus ... An example of injury to the axillary nerve includes axillary nerve palsy ... Injury to the nerve results in Paralysis of the teres minor muscle and deltoid muscle, resulting in loss of abduction of arm (from 15-90 degrees), weak flexion, extension, and rotation of shoulder ...

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