Avila Adobe

The Avila Adobe, was built in 1818 by Francisco Avila, and has the distinction of being the oldest standing residence in Los Angeles, California. It is located in the paseo of historical Olvera Street, a part of Los Angeles Plaza Historic District, a California State Historic Park. The building itself is registered as California Historical Landmark #145, while the entire historic district is both listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

The Plaza is the third location of the original Spanish settlement El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula, the first two having been washed out by flooding from the swollen Rio Porciuncula (Los Angeles River). The Avila Adobe was one of the settlement's first houses to share street frontage in the Pueblo de Los Angeles of Spanish colonial Alta California.

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... The Avila Adobe was built in 1818 and is the oldest surviving residence in Los Angeles ... It is located in the paseo of Olvera Street and was built by Francisco Avila, a wealthy cattle rancher ... Its adobe walls are 2½ to 3 feet (0.91 m) thick ...