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The last version of A/UX, 3.1.1, was released in 1995. A/UX ran only on 68K-based Macintoshes with a floating point unit (FPU) and a paged memory management unit (PMMU), and even then only on selected models (for example, the Quadra 840AV, Apple's fastest 68K Macintosh, cannot run A/UX). Apple never ported A/UX to PowerPC Macintoshes (though A/UX 4.0 was rumored to have been an OSF/1 adaptation), and the company all but abandoned it by 1996, preferring to use a slightly modified version of IBM’s AIX system on their mid-90s Apple Network Servers. After Steve Jobs returned to Apple, another Unix-like operating system was introduced in the form of Mac OS X, but it had very little in common with A/UX, instead being based on the BSD-derived NeXTSTEP. Today, other than a few isolated or hobbyist servers still running it, A/UX is all but extinct.

Timeline of Macintosh operating systems
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