• (adj): Relating to or in the style of an autobiography.
    Example: "They compiled an autobiographical history of the movement"
    Synonyms: autobiographic
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Some articles on autobiographical:

Mattt Konture - Biography
... Shelton, who inspired him to create psychedelic and autobiographical comics ... In 1988, Konture started autobiographical comics such as Krokodile Comix 1, or Galopu, that was a forerunner of the French underground movement ... "Morve Ivan" is a half-autobiographical story published in the pages of Psykopat ...
Autobiographical Memory - Neuroanatomy - Construction and Retrieval
... Autobiographical memories are initially constructed in left prefrontal neural networks ... cortex and bilaterally in the prefrontal cortex become active during autobiographical memory retrieval ... processes and self-referential processes, both integral to autobiographical memory retrieval ...
Somebody Somewhere (book)
... Somebody Somewhere is the second in her autobiographical collection of four books ... Later autobiographical works include the third book in the series, Like Colour To The Blind (1998), and the fourth autobiographical installment, Everyday Heaven (2004) ...
Evan Hunter Bibliography - Autobiographical
... 1998 Me Hitch! (autobiographical by Evan Hunter) 2005 Let's Talk (autobiographical by Evan Hunter) ...
Alastair Mars - Bibliography
... Unbroken, the story of a submarine, autobiographical published 1953 (some editions titled as Unbroken, the true story of a submarine) Court Martial, autobiographical published 1954 Arctic submarine ...

More definitions of "autobiographical":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer.
    Example: "He seldom suppressed his autobiographical tendencies"
    Synonyms: autobiographic