Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.

Authenticity or Authentic may refer to:

  • Authentication, having passed the tests thereof
  • Authenticity (philosophy), a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas
  • Authenticity in art, either nominal or expressive
  • Authentic performance refers to a movement in classical music also known as historically informed performance
  • Authenticity (living history), in a living history presentation, or in a historical reenactment, a measure of how close an item of material culture, or a person's action, is to the known records concerning what was used or done in the time period being depicted.
  • Authentic Records, a record label
  • SS Authenticity, a coastal tanker.
  • Authentic (horse) an Olympic show jumper ridden by Beezie Madden.
  • Authenticity of messages in computer science and data security
  • Authenticity (Foreign Exchange album), the third album by the Foreign Exchange.
  • Authentic (Chris Tomlin album)
  • Authentic (Joey Pearson album)
  • Authenticity Party, an Egyptian political party

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