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Maria Christina, Duchess Of Teschen - Regent of The Austrian Netherlands
... Albert of Saxony, were appointed joint governors of the Austrian Netherlands ... However, they did not arrive in the Austrian Netherlands to assume their position until the year after, in 1781 ... reforms, which Maria Christina was forced to introduce in the Austrian Netherlands, did not have her support, and she feared that they would lead to serious conflicts and hostility toward the Austrian government ...
Laurent-Benoît Dewez - Professional Life
... He mainly worked for abbeys and nobility in the Austrian Netherlands ... In 1767 he was appointed court architect to the Goveror of the Austrian Netherlands, Charles-Alexandre de Lorraine for whom he built the Castle of Mariemont which was ... On the invasion of the Austrian Netherlands by French revolutionary troops in 1793, Dewez fled to Prague ...
Second Stadtholderless Period - Crisis and The Orangist Revolution of 1747
... During his term in office the Republic slowly drifted into the War of Austrian Succession, which had started as a Prusso-Austrian conflict, but in which eventually all the neighbors of the Republic became involved ... Unfortunately, the fact that it maintained garrisons in a number of fortresses in the Austrian Netherlands implied that it implicitly defended that country ... At times the number of Dutch troops in the Austrian Netherlands was larger than the Austrian contingent ...
Southern Netherlands - Austrian Netherlands
... (1714), following the War of the Spanish Succession, what was left of the Spanish Netherlands was ceded to Austria and thus became known as the Austrian Netherlands or Belgium Austriacum ... However, the Austrians themselves generally had little interest in the region (aside from a short-lived attempt by Emperor Charles VI to compete with British and Dutch trade through ... of the Habsburg rulers was to exchange the Austrian Netherlands for Bavaria, which would round out Habsburg possessions in southern Germany ...
Cross Of Burgundy Flag - History - Historical and Modern Uses
... or white Burgundian saltire on a wider red saltire In Belgium and the Austrian Netherlands The Austrian Netherlands' ensign in 1781-86 was a black double-headed eagle on a red Burgundian saltire over a ... may well be an homage to the cross of Burgundy In the Netherlands The Military William Order, the foremost Dutch military decoration since 1815, bears a ...

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