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Siege Of Mantua (1796–1797) - Background - Geography
... After being defeated by General of Division Bonaparte's French army at the Battle of Borghetto, the Austrian army led by Feldzeugmeister Johann Beaulieu abandoned the line of the ... Both roads linked with the Austrian frontier ... From Trento in the north, Austrian armies had secure communications with Innsbruck across the Brenner Pass ...
Hungarian Revolution Of 1848 - War of Independence - Austrians
... Meanwhile, the Austrians followed the Danube down from Vienna and crossed over into Hungary to envelope Komorn (now Komárom, Hungary and Komárno, Slovakia) ... After some fierce fighting, the Austrians, led by Alfred I, Prince of Windisch-Grätz, captured Pest and held it for a short while before being forced to give up their positions and ... western front, crossing the Danube and forcing the Austrian Army to retreat from Buda back up the Danube ...
Polish–Austrian War - The War
... of the War of the Fifth Coalition, an Austrian corps of 32,000–34,000 soldiers under Archduke Ferdinand Karl Joseph of Austria-Este invaded the territory of the ... on April 19, where Poniatowski's Polish troops brought an Austrian force twice their number to a standstill (but neither side defeated the other decisively), the Polish forces nonetheless retreated ... Indeed, the Duchy's capital was seized by the Austrian army with little opposition, but it was a Pyrrhic victory for them, since the Austrian commander diverted most of his forces there at the ...
Ludwig Von Wallmoden-Gimborn - Life
... Ludwig first entered the Hanoverian army, then in 1790 the Prussian Army and finally in 1795 the Austrian army ... In the Austrian army he distinguished himself in the expeditions of 1796 to 1801 and was also sent on several diplomatic missions ... In 1813 Wallmoden transferred to the Imperial Russian Army, becoming commander of the Russian-German Legion, which he merged into the Allied "army of the north" ...
Saurer 4K 4FA
... The Saurer 4K 4FA is an Austrian armoured personnel carrier with caterpillar tracks ... A total of 445 production vehicles was delivered to the Austrian Army in the following versions 30 4K 4F, 211 4K 3FA, 38 4K 3FA-FS, 12 4K 4FA-Fü/FIA, 15 4K 4FA-San, 76 4K 4FA-G2, 60 4K 4FA FüA ... In mid-1999, the Austrian MoD awarded Steyr-Daimler-Puch a contract for the supply of 112 Ulan infantry fighting vehicles for the Austrian Army ...

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    An Austrian army, awfully array’d,
    Boldly by battery besiege Belgrade;
    Cossack commanders cannonading come,
    Deal devastation’s dire destructive doom;
    Alaric Alexander Watts (1797–1864)