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PC System Design Guide Audio

Older sound cards had no common standard color codes until after PC99. The PC System Design Guide (also known as the PC 97, PC 98, PC 99, or PC 2001 specification) is a series of hardware design requirements and recommendations for IBM PC compatible personal computers, compiled by Microsoft and Intel Corporation during 1997–2001. PC 99 introduced a color code for the various standard types of plugs and connectors used on PCs.

The color code for audio plugs follow:

Orange TRS 3.5 mm Output, subwoofer
Blue TRS 3.5 mm Input, line level
Pink TRS† 3.5 mm microphone input
Lime TRS 3.5 mm Output, front channels
Brown TRS 3.5 mm Output, 'Right-to-left speaker'
Gold TRS 3.5 mm MIDI/game

† Though the input is often mono, the actual connector is usually still a 3-conductor TRS phone minijack. Many mono computer microphones have 3-conductor TRS plugs.

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