• (adj): Tried unsuccessfully.
    Example: "Attempted murder"

Some articles on attempted:

List Of Crimes Involving Radioactive Substances - Intentional Theft/attempted Theft of Radioactive Material - Grozny Cobalt Theft/attempted Theft
... On 13 September 1999, six people attempted to steal radioactive cobalt rods from a chemical plant in the city of Grozny in the Chechen Republic ... This incident is described as an attempted theft, but some of the rods are reportedly still missing ...
Al-Hurr Ibn Abd Al-Rahman Al-Thaqafi - Governorship
... None of al-Hurr's predecessors had attempted to cross the Pyrenees, and in 717, he attempted to do just that ... Several attempted raids later, all of which proved unsuccessful, al-Hurr was deposed by the caliph, who appointed Al-Samh ibn Malik al-Khawlani in 718 as his replacement ...
Capital Punishment In Vatican City - History of The Statute
... from the contemporaneous Italian legal code (concerning attempted assassinations of the King of Italy), providing for capital punishment for anyone who attempted to assassinate the pope ... ” There were no attempted assassinations of the pope within Vatican City while the statute was on the books ...
Late Manuscript Culture - Constructing An Auctor With Chaucer - William Caxton
... manuscripts as exemplars, many printers attempted to implant humanist values into the text ... They attempted to create a uniform work, displaying many similarities in terms of motivation with the Devotio Moderna ... Specifically, Caxton attempted to make Chaucer appear similar to classical writers and continental poets ...
Pat Spirito - Attempted Riccobene Mob Hit
... This was shortly before the attempted mob hit of Scarfo crime family capo Salvatore Testa in April 1982 ... The attempted murder of Spirito was in retaliation for murdering 35-year-old Samuel (Little Sammy) Tammburino, murdered by Charles Iannece and Francis Ianarella as he left a pharmacy-convenience ...

Famous quotes containing the word attempted:

    Through Plato Aristotle came to believe in God, but Plato never attempted to prove His reality. Aristotle had to do so. Plato contemplated Him; Aristotle produced arguments to demonstrate Him. Plato never defined Him, but Aristotle thought God through logically and concluded with entire satisfaction to himself that He was the Unmoved Mover.
    Edith Hamilton (1867–1963)

    Your favor containing the question, as to whether I consider myself a “new woman” is before me. As a rule I do not consider myself at all. I am, and always have been a progressive woman, and while never directly attacking the conventionalities of society, have always done, or attempted to do those things which I have considered conducive to my health, convenience or emolument ...
    Belva Lockwood (1830–1917)

    Many have attempted unnatural acts, but Nature has always shown the way.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)