Atrium may refer to:

  • Atrium (architecture), a large open space within a building usually with a glass roof
  • Atrium (alveoli), microscopic air sacs in lungs
  • Atrium (heart), an anatomical structure of the heart
  • Atrium of the ventricular system of the brain
  • Atrium (Cardiff), a University of Glamorgan (Wales) building in Cardiff
  • Atrium, the genital structure next to the genital aperture in the reproductive system of gastropods
  • Atrium, an alternative rock band.

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The Grand Doubletree - Gallery
... (1st level) The 10th floor pool deck The skywalk connecting the Omni The west atrium (10th floor) The west atrium, looking up The east atrium (10th floor) The east atrium, looking up ...
Monasteries On The Slopes Of Popocatépetl - Common Elements
... Most of the monasteries have a large atrium in front of the church, an open chapel, four chapels in each corner of the atrium, and atrium cross, Stations of the cross on the atrium ... Unlike churches built before and in the centuries after, the atrium played a critical role in these monasteries, built initially for the purpose of evangelization ... For evangelization, the atrium and its accompanying open chapel were built first ...
Atrium, Cardiff - Accommodation
... Tŷ Pont Haearn is the most popular halls of residence for Atrium students due to its location directly opposite the Atrium building. 350 bedrooms are specifically reserved for Atrium Students ...
Bachmann's Bundle
... the anterior internodal tract that resides on the inner wall of the left atrium ... It is a broad band of cardiac muscle that passes from the right atrium, between the superior vena cava and the ascending aorta ... preferential path for electrical activation of the left atrium ...
Camp Marmal - Facilities - The Atrium
... Camp Marmal called Planet Mazar located in the atrium ... The German Fitness Center is located by The Atrium ... There are two cafés located in the atrium, The Lounge and K2 ...