Atlas Comics

Atlas Comics may refer to

  • Atlas Comics (1950s), one of the two comic publishing companies that would be the forerunner of Marvel Comics
  • Seaboard Periodicals, founded by Timely/Atlas (1950s)/Marvel founder, a short-lived comic publisher that published under the Atlas Comics name and referred to as Atlas/Seaboard Comics
  • Erik Josten, Marvel Comics character known as Atlas

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Pete Tumlinson - Biography - Atlas Comics
... Shortly after this, publisher Martin Goodman's comics division had gone from being known as Timely Comics to Atlas Comics ... Later, Tumlinson drew Western stories for Atlas' Outlaw Fighters, Two-Gun Western and Wild Western ... With the popularity of horror comics in the early to mid-1950s, Tumlinson produced a number of horror stories for Atlas titles including Astonishing ...
Atlas (album) - Comics
... See also Atlas (comics) Atlas Comics (1950s), the company that evolved into Marvel Comics Agents of Atlas, a Marvel Comics mini-series that included a foundation named Atlas Atlas, a ...
Magneto (Atlas Comics)
... The character first appeared in Strange Tales #84, in May 1961, just before Atlas Comics became Marvel Comics ... Even though the character name and creators are the same as the modern Marvel's Magneto, the Atlas Comics character is not related to Marvel's mutant ...

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