Asymmetric Cell Division

An asymmetric cell division produces two daughter cells with different cellular fates. This is in contrast to normal, symmetric, cell divisions, which give rise to daughter cells of equivalent fates. Notably, stem cells divide asymmetrically to give rise to two distinct daughter cells: one copy of original stem cell as well as a second daughter programmed to differentiate into a non-stem cell, relying on intrinsic asymmetry. The term asymmetric cell division usually refers to such intrinsic asymmetric divisions.

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Asymmetric Cell Division - Asymmetric Division in Development
... Animals are made up of a vast number of distinct cell types ... During development, the zygote undergoes many cell divisions that give rise to various cell types, including embryonic stem cells ... Asymmetric divisions of these embryonic cells gives rise to one cell of the same potency (self-renewal), and another that maybe of the same potency or stimulated to further differentiate ...

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