ASU, Asu, asu may refer to:

  • ASU-57, Soviet airborne support gun
  • ASU-85, Soviet airborne support gun
  • Aikido Schools of Ueshiba
  • Air separation unit
  • Airport Security Unit (disambiguation)
  • American Servicemen's Union, a union for soldiers founded in 1967, during the Vietnam War
  • Army Service Uniform
  • Australian Services Union
  • Active service unit, individual units with the Provisional Irish Republican Army
  • Arab Socialist Union (disambiguation), the name of a number of political parties in the Arab world
  • Asian Skating Union
  • Arbitrary Strength Unit, a performance value for mobile phone signals
  • Avionics Switching Unit

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... Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (IATA code ASU), Asuncion, Paraguay. ...
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... Arbitrary Strength Unit (ASU) is an integer value proportional to the received signal strength measured by the mobile phone ... In GSM networks, ASU is equal to the RSSI (received signal strength indicator, see TS 27.007 sub clause 8.5) ... dBm = 2 × ASU - 113, ASU in the range of 0..31 and 99 (for not known or not detectable) In UMTS networks, ASU is equal the RSCP level (received signal code power, see TS 27.007 sub clause 8.69 and TS 27.133 sub ...
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... and teach the crowd the music, cheers and chants used to cheer on the ASU football team at the first home game of the season ... in The Order of the Pack, performing for the crowd the ASU Fight Song "ASU Loyalty", the ASU Alma Mater "Hail to ASU", and various pep tunes of the season ...