Assumption may refer to:

  • Assumption of Mary, a religious account of the taking up of Mary into heaven
  • Assumption of Moses, a Jewish apocryphal pseudepigraphical work of uncertain date and authorship

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Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Church
... The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is a church located at 13770 Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan ... It is currently known as the Assumption Grotto Church ...
Church Of The Assumption Of The Virgin Mary And Roch (Jesenice)
... The Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Roch's Church (Slovene Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja in Roka) is a Catholic church in the Sava neighborhood of the town of Jesenice, in ... Originally dedicated only to the Assumption of the Virgin, the church was built by the ironworks owners Julius and Orfeus Bucelleni ... the Venetian artist Nicola Grassi from the church (The Assumption of the Virgin, Mary of the Rosary with St Dominic and St Francis, St Anthony of the Desert with an unknown early Christian martyr) were all ...
SUHA (computer Science)
... science, SUHA (Simple Uniform Hashing Assumption) or the uniform hashing assumption is a basic assumption that facilitates the mathematical analysis of ... The assumption states that a hypothetical hashing function will evenly distribute items into the slots of a hash table ... This assumption generalizes the details of the hash function and allows for certain assumptions about the stochastic system ...
Assumption, Ohio - History
... Assumption was originally named St ... Mary's Corners because it was the location of St ...
Catholic Theology Of The Body - History - Pope Pius XII - Mary and The Resurrection of The Body
... Catholic Church, Pius XII's 1950 dogma of the Assumption is proof for the resurrection of the body from the dead ... was confident that the solemn proclamation and definition of the Assumption would contribute in no small way to the advantage of human society and individuals ... He hoped that those who meditate upon the Assumption of Mary will be better able to withstand the pressures of a material life style, and look instead at the true ...

Famous quotes containing the word assumption:

    One will meet, for example, the virtual assumption that what is relative to thought cannot be real. But why not, exactly? Red is relative to sight, but the fact that this or that is in that relation to vision that we call being red is not itself relative to sight; it is a real fact.
    Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)

    The assumption must be that those who can see value only in tradition, or versions of it, deny man’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
    Stephen Bayley (b. 1951)

    The truth is, the whole administration under Roosevelt was demoralized by the system of dealing directly with subordinates. It was obviated in the State Department and the War Department under [Secretary of State Elihu] Root and me [Taft was the Secretary of War], because we simply ignored the interference and went on as we chose.... The subordinates gained nothing by his assumption of authority, but it was not so in the other departments.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)