Ass may refer to:

  • Ass people (Jasses, Ossetians abnd Burtasses), selfname of Alans (Scytho-Sarmatian tribes)
  • Asinus, a subgenus of Equus that includes the donkey and other asses
    • Donkey, Equus africanus asinus
      • By extension, an insult meaning idiot
  • North American English informal term for buttocks
  • áss, one of the Æsir in Norse mythology
  • Ass (album), by Badfinger
  • In abstract algebra, Ass(M) denotes the collection of all associated primes of a module M
  • AsS, the basic chemical formula for arsenic sulfide

ASS may stand for:

  • ASS (car), a French car made from 1919 to 1920
  • ASS (gene), a human gene that encodes for the enzyme argininosuccinate synthetase
  • Acta Sanctae Sedis, a former Roman monthly publication and gazette of the Holy See
  • Advanced SubStation Alpha, a subtitles editor in computing
  • Advisory Service for Squatters, a non-profit group based in London, UK
  • Agents of Secret Stuff, a 2010 action comedy film
  • American Sociological Society, the founding name for the American Sociological Association
  • Angle-Side-Side, an ambiguous proof in mathematics: see Congruence (geometry) - Congruence of triangles
  • All-Star Superman, a comic book

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