AS Marsa - Selected Reserve/Youth Team Players

Selected Reserve/Youth Team Players

No. Position Player
1 GK Hamza Chourabi
2 DF Hamdi Testouri
4 DF Mondher El Hif
5 DF Walid Amara
6 MF Abdou Thiaw
7 MF Wassef Charradi
8 MF Aymen Jedidi
9 MF Khaled Al Ammari
10 MF Ali Al Maghrabi
13 FW Firas Chemmem
No. Position Player
14 FW Anis Tajaouri
15 FW Bilel Ben Neji
16 GK Oussema El Héni
18 FW Nader Charradi
20 DF Mehdi Denden
21 MF Nooman Djerbi
30 GK Nacer Nezzar
34 FW Aime Kasongo
38 DF Sabri Lefkih
39 MF Mortul

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